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The Conference element allows you to start or enter a pre-existing conference. TeleCloud conferences offer the ability to set a moderator and user PIN to keep your conference rooms secure.

You can set the name of your conference room to a value of your choosing. While other API users may have conference rooms with the same name, conferences are linked to your account which means that two accounts with same room name will be dialing into different conferences.


The <Conference> element supports the following attributes that enhance its behavior:

Parameter Description Allowed Default
action The call flow will redirect to this URL using your specified method when the Conference action is complete. fully qualified URL
method The method used to call the action URL. POST,GET POST
maxMembers The max number of callers allowed in the conference. 0-9, up to 50
hangupOnStar Option to end the call and leave conference when * is pressed. Y or N N
record Option to record the entire conference. Y or N N
user_pin Option to require users joining the conference to enter a PIN number. 0-9
mod_pin Option to require the conference moderator of the conference to enter a PIN number. 0-9
enterSound Sound to play upon entry to the conference. fully qualified URL of a WAV or MP3 sound file
exitSound Sound to play upon exiting the conference. fully qualified URL of a WAV or MP3 sound file
waitSound Music that will be played to the first caller in the conference while waiting on other members to join. To use system provided music provide one of the following keywords: classical,funk,relaxed,hiphop,smooth,techno. Alternatively, you can provide your own URL to a WAV or MP3 file.

Action Request Parameters

Once the <Conference> element is finished processing the cloud will request the provided action URL to determine how to continue the call flow. The following parameters will be sent either by POST or GET (depending on which method you specify).

Parameter Description Details
CallUUID The unique identifier for the call. Can be used to manage the call in real-time with the API.
CallTo The number the call is to. Incoming: The DID number
Outgoing: The number dialed
CallFrom The number the call is from. Incoming: The number calling the DID
Outgoing: SIP username (part before the @)
CallDirection The direction of the call. inbound or outbound
CallTime The time the channel was created, usually the same time billing starts. year-month-day hour:minute:seconds In CST/CDT Time Zone.
API_USER_ID Your API user ID Useful if managing multiple accounts for clients.

Conference with all options

Conference with enter/exit sounds, recording, user PIN, mod PIN, and hold music for the first caller.

      <Conference action="" method="POST" user_pin="1234" mod_pin="4321" maxMembers="10" record="N" hangupOnStar="Y" enterSound="" exitSound="" waitSound="techno">My First Conference Room</Conference>

Conference as a holding room

When callers need to be placed on hold conferences can also be used as holding rooms with a max_members setting of "2", allowing a second caller to join later.

      <Conference action="" method="POST" max_members="2" waitSound="smooth">Holding Room</Conference>