solutions for IoT and MVNO's.

<Response> <Activate> Activate any device on the largest GSM networks with global roaming capability, direct API access, and real-time provisioning. </Activate> </Response>
Low Priced Commands

Receive commands from your IoT device absolutely FREE of charge and send commands via SMS for only $0.01 each via the MyHEG™ portal or API.

Carrier Direct API

Our wireless API is integrated directly with North America's largest GSM carrier, providing real-time provisioning and monitoring around the clock.

PayGo or Bundle

Choose from our pay as you go or bundle pricing for each SIM you activate. Pay only for what you use or get a set amount of data for a low cost.

- HEG IoT Platform Benefits -Coverage in over 160 countries plus easy to understand pricing & API documentation set's us apart.

Instant Deployment

Activate new SIM's via the MyHEG™ portal or IoT API within minutes at the time and place of your choosing.

Clear Cut Pricing

Choose to pay by the MB or for higher usage devices opt for a bundle plan with a bucket of data included.

IoT SIM Card for Hawkins Enterprise Group LLC
Private Labeled

Offer IoT connectivity under your own brand and become your own IoT provider with guaranteed 99.8% uptime.

Universal SIM Cards

Our all in one IoT SIM cards are compatible with any device and include standard, micro, and nano sizes.

Looking for our MVNO solutions?

With over 20 years of experience HEG can help you quickly launch or expand your existing MVNO.

-- A wireless platform built for developers --

POST https://voiceapi.cloud/API/{format}/Wireless/Activate

   "activation": {
      "@activation_id": "5c5b967bf48b4202bb26a375",
      "status": "Active",
      "subscriber_id": "502361",
      "mdn": "5555551234"

Instant Deployment

Instantly activate a new device on the network by making a single API call to the 'Activate' service. Each newly activated SIM comes complete with a mobile device number giving you the freedom to utilize it any way you see fit.

Set soft caps for data, SMS, & voice

With the ability to set "soft caps" you can keep usage under control by setting a cap on voice, SMS, and data for a particular SIM. Once any of the caps are reached you'll be notified via email and the SIM will be suspended.

POST https://voiceapi.cloud/API/{format}/Wireless/SoftCap
<softcap subscriber_id="502433221">

Power your IoT solutions on the platform built for developers and the LTE/5G network built for IoT.

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