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<Response> <Dial> Control every aspect of your call with Teleoh™ Voice XML and the HEG Voice API. Place and connect calls around the world at super low rates or even FREE. </Response> </Dial>
IVR Functionality

Collect input from callers and use it to alter the call flow in real-time.

Conference Rooms

Easily create conference rooms with up to 50 participants, custom hold music, and more.

Live Call Control

Record, transfer, and control every aspect of a call with our RESTful API.

Global Termination

Make calls to anywhere in the world at super low rates.

- Voice API Use Cases -If you need voice in your application the HEG Voice API is your solution.

Call Center

Develop outbound and inbound call centers with full call control. Auto dialers made easy!

Two-Step Verification

Easily send custom verification codes to your customers via a voice call.

Bill Payment Hotline

Develop a credit card or ACH payment hotline quickly with Teleoh™ XML.

IVR Phone Menu

Press 1 for sales, 2 for billing, and it's all done easily with Teleoh™ XML.

Conference Calls

Create conferences on the fly and manage them in real-time with the HEG API.

Voice Broadcasting

Send personalized voice messages to your customers with confirmation.

Balance Retrieval

Allow customers to call and check their account balance or usage.

Call Tracking

Assign a different phone number for each of your advertising campaings and track your results accordingly.

Automated Surveys

Feedback is important to every business, collect customer feedback with easily with our IVR solutions.

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-- So, lets see some code! --

      <Dial action="https://yoururl.com/yourscript.language" method="POST" hold_music_url="relaxed" caller_id_number="14692145044" caller_name="John Doe">

Connect a caller during your call flow:

Depending on your use case, at some point in your call flow it may be necessary to connect a caller with a real person. Using Teleoh™ XML you can send the caller to one of your SIP endpoints, a landline phone, a mobile phone, or all of the above.

Dial up to ten traditional numbers and ten SIP endpoints at the same time, the first person to answer will be connected with the caller.

Transfer a Live Call:

Conference rooms can also be used as holding rooms by specifying 'max_members=1'. Let's pretend you have a caller on hold in a holding room listening to 'hold_music_url'. When your ready to speak to the caller you can call the Transfer API to send the caller to a new call flow Url. The provided 'NewUrl' should return Teleoh™ XML to further direct the call flow.

POST/GET https://voiceapi.cloud/API/{format}/Call/CallTransfer

    "call": {
        "call_uuid": "5caf4201-13c5-4cc4-97b1-0f630fedf8bf",
        "NewUrl": "https://yourwebsite.com/othertest.php"