for your notification & verification needs.

<Response> <Message> Send and receive messages in real-time to mobile phone numbers, toll-free numbers, and SMS short codes. </Response> </Message>
FREE Incoming Messages

Receive incoming messages to your HEG phone numbers absolutely FREE and process them within your application in real-time.

Reliable SMS Broadcasting

Send SMS or MMS from any of your local or toll-free phone numbers. Get your messages out fast, send up to 1 message per second.

Picture Messaging

Our wireless-grade texting enables you to send enterprise level quality multi-media messages just as easily as plain text and at no additional charge.

- SMS API Use Cases -Add text messaging to your app or create an entire new text messaging app with the Hawkins SMS API.

Request Confirmation

Receive confirmation from your customers by reaching them on the device they use the most.

Polling & Surveys

Collect results for your polling and organize the results with your existing app. Text messaging is the fastest way to collect results!

SMS API Notifications Example
Two-factor Authentication

Secure your web applications and your customers information with sign in verification using the HEG SMS API.


Send reminders for doctor, dentist, and legal appointments. Or reminders for bill payment & disconnection warnings.

Send SMS & MMS messages for under a penny. Receive messages for FREE!

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-- HEG is programmable SMS made easy! --

	"sms": {
		"@attributes": {
			"message_id": "18787"
		"to": "12144630000",
		"from": "19723624569",
		"text_message": "Test a message with the JSON API.",
		"media_url": {}

Send a SMS with the JSON API:

Sending an SMS message with the HEG API couldn't be easier. Make a HTTP POST or GET request to the SendMessage service with the required parameters and your message is on it's way. HEG will send the status of your message in an HTTP POST to your provided 'callbackUrl' so you know when it's delivered.

Send a message during a call:

Teleoh™ XML makes it possible to send SMS or MMS messages during your call flow. With this functionality your app can send information to a caller via text while they are on the call or even verify their phone number while the call continues.

      <Message action="" method="POST" to="12145551212" from="19723620000" media_url="" callbackUrl="">MMS</Message>

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