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Choose our Fax API to get the job done.Secure, simple, and automated Fax API.

Secure Faxing

Keep your customers information secure. All faxed documents are deleted immediatly after a successful or failed fax transmision.

Fax any PDF File

The HEG Fax API converts single or multi-page PDF files hosted on any remote server into a fax within a few seconds.

Instant Fax Confirmation

Like all of our telecom API's our Fax API supports instant call backs to your URL so you know immediately when your fax is sent.

Whatever your message is, get it out
with the HEG Fax API today!

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-- XML or JSON, it's your choice. --


   "fax": {
      "call_uuid": "3b08c23e-c76b-4187-ac4e-7dce2f80bce6",
      "FaxTo": "18017520000",
      "DocumentUrl": "",
      "caller_name": "Hawkins E Group",
      "caller_id_number": "18175551212",
      "callbackUrl": ""

Send a PDF file as a fax:

Sending a PDF file as a fax is as simple as making a HTTP POST or GET requst to the OriginateFax API. You can choose to have results returned in XML or JSON format by specifying the format in the URL. Once your fax is in the queue it will usually be sent within the next five minutes.